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Dear clients,

In order to avoid misunderstandings we would like to establish the following terms and conditions which will take effect if you book a trip with us.


1. Who may participate in our trips?
Everyone who is healthy and fulfills the requirements stated in the descriptions may participate. Our guides have the right to eliminate participants from our trips – either in the beginning or during the trip- if the participant does not fulfill the requirements for this particular trip. If we are able to reduce costs due to the elimination we will reimburse the client that amount. We urgently advise every client to consult a physician before any trip – particularly before hiking in high altitudes.

2. Payment
With the written confirmation of the client the booking of the trip is binding for the client and HANE Tours. We will send the client an invoice by email for which payment is due within 14 days. If the client does not pay until the according due date, HANE Tours may withdraw from the reservation and charge the client with cancellation fees according to paragraph # 7

3. Our services
The scope of our services is determined by the description and the prices the client will receive from HANE Tours by email. Changes and deviations of the program during the trip are - especially but not exclusively during trekking and hiking trips – possible at any time. Due to changing road conditions, extreme weather changes, arbitrariness from government officials or difficulty with public transport among others, our programs cannot always be guaranteed 100 %. The descriptions on our web site as well as the ones we send out per email are hence a planned itinerary which may be changed on site. We only work with highly qualified local personnel whose instructions need to be followed. We try to ensure medical attention even in remote rural areas and on hiking and trekking tours. However medications which have been prescribed to our clients need to be provided by the client in sufficient amounts. If the client terminates a trip prematurely the additional costs will be charged to the client.
4. Minimum number of participants for group trips
Our group trips can only be operated if we have reservations from the minimum amount of participants. If we do not have enough reservations, we may withdraw from the contract which will at the latest be declared 30 days before the starting date of the trip. If the trip cannot be operated due to lack of participants, HANE Tours will immediately reimburse the clients any amount paid to this date. Personal expenses of the client which are not part of our services such as air fare, vaccinations, equipment purchases etc. will not be reimbursed by HANE tours. If the client decides to participate in the group trip with less than the minimum amount of participants, HANE Tours will offer to operate the tour at a different Price which we will communicate. If the client agrees to the new Price, the trip can be operated with fewer participants.


5. Documents and health regulations
It is the clients responsibility to adhere to any and all passport, visa, customs and currency regulation at his own cost. The client needs to abide with the current health regulations which may include mandatory vaccinations within the Amazon region. You may get information at your local public health department. Any disadvantages which occur due to not complying with these regulations will be charged to the clients account.

6. Changes in services and prices
Changes in services which need to be taken by HANE Tours are only permitted as long as they are minor and do not change the overall content of the trip. HANE Tours will inform the client immediately about any changes in services. HANE Tours may raise the price of the trip due to changes in price policies of auxiliary personnel as long as it is done at least four months prior to departure of the client. If the rise in prices is more than 10%, the client has the right to withdraw from the contract without any charges.

7. Cancellation
You can cancel your trip in writing to HANE Tours at any time before the starting date. In case of a cancellation HANE Tours will charge you the following amounts of the total Price of the trip:
Up to 60days prior to departure 25 %
59 to 45 days prior to departure 30 %
44 to 22 days prior to departure 40 %
21 to 15 days prior to departure 60 %
14 to 07 days prior to departure 80 %
from 06 days prior to departure or at no show 100 %

8. Cancellation due to force majeure
If the trip may be canceled by the client as well as by HANE Tours due to force majeure. In that case any costs which have occurred will be charged to the client.


9. Services which have not been claimed by the client
If the client does not make use of some or any of the services offered by HANE Tours in the written program because of circumstances owed to the client (such as a premature departure of the country among others), the client has no right to claim reimbursement. HANE Tours will try to reimburse the client for expenses which have not been paid as long as they are feasible to cancel.

10. Release from liability
HANE Tours will not be liable for any physical harm or damage of property of the client. HANE Tours will not be liable for auxiliary persons.

11. Obligation to co-operate
The client is legally obligated to co-operate during interferences and try to avoid any kind of damages. Any complaint must be reported immediately to the guide. He or she is obligated to resolve the issue if possible. If the client fails to report the complaint, his right to claim reduction of costs expires. Substandard risk in remote and rural areas! All our clients will be prepared for their trips accordingly. We cannot however guarantee that our trips will correspond to the subjective imagination of our clients. Most of our trips are combined with adventure, risk and a certain amount of uncertainty – which makes them so special. Our clients need to take this into consideration when booking with us. Our clients also need to be aware that in remote areas a medical rescue operations or advanced medical treatment cannot be guaranteed. Even small injuries can lead to complicated consequences. We expect our clients to operate under prudence and with high personal responsibility.

12. Settlement of claims
Claims of services not rendered need to be presented by the client in writing to HANE Tours within one month of the termination of the trip

13. Insurances
HANE Tours does not provide any insurance. We urge you to purchase insurances for your trip in your home country, especially a Travel cancellation insurance, international travel health insurance which covers medical rescue operations, luggage insurance and a travel liability insurance.

14. Organizer
Organizer is: HANE Tours E.I.R.L., Av. Los Incas 1046, Wanchaq, Cusco, Peru.

15. Jurisdiction
Jurisdiction for the contracts is Cusco, Peru. Peruvian law shall apply.

16. Severability Clause
In case any provision in this Indenture shall be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby and such provision shall be ineffective only to the extent of such invalidity, illegality or unenforceability.