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Nasca (2 Days)

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There are a lot of mythical stories about the Nasca culture. Fly with us over the world famous Nasca lines and visit the ancient temple complex of Cahuachi as well as an old necropolis of the Nasca culture. Due to the extremely dry climate the mummies of the necropolis have been extremely well preserved. Afterwards head to the ingenious irrigation system built centuries ago and still is in use as of today.


Day 1: Flight over the Nasca lines and visit of the temple complex of Cahuachi

Day 2: Visit the necropolis of  Chauchilla und the aqueducts of Nasca

Day 1:

You will start your 40 minute flight over the Nasca lines in the early morning. Over a amazingly large plateau these straight lines stretch for up to 13 miles. Some of them on the other hand depictions the flora and fauna of Peru. The mystery about the geoglyphs which have been “etched” into the desert ground remains unsolved until today. Most likely they were some kind of holy pilgrimage paths towards holy centers of ceremony. In the afternoon you will visit the temple complex of Cahuachi with your private guide and vehicle. Some of the temples were built as early as 400 B.C. and may have been connected in some way to the Nasca lines. Only very few of the many temples have been excavated by archeologists. Strong winds and the extremely dry climate make the restoration of the buildings difficult. A wide spread tunnel system connects the different constructions, of which the “Great Temple” with an area of 330 x 490 feet, is the most impressive. (Hotel in Nasca)

Day 2:

In the morning you will visit the necropolis of Chauchilla. On this ancient grave site of the Nasca culture you will find surprisingly well preserved mummies with long and impressive braids, well preserved clothing and beautiful burial objects. In the afternoon your private guide will take you the aqueducts of Nasca. The openings in a spiral form were and are used to clean and sustain the underground water Canals. This ingeniously constructed irrigation system still works today (Hotel in Nasca)

  • All transport in private Minivan
  • 2 nights in a 3-star hotel (double room)
  • Local English speaking guide for tours according to program
  • All admission fees
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