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school projects

For many years now - together with our clients and friends - we support schools in the rural areas of the high Andes. In the remote villages we unfortunately still encounter very rustic and simple teaching conditions. Many of the children don´t even own a notebook or a pen let alone books. Their families only have very little money and buying school supplies is not part of their budget. But even up here in these remote areas, living conditions are changing rapidly. If the children don´t learn how to read, write and do basic arithmetic, they will never stand a chance against the better educated children from the cities.


Since our idea of tourism is to be socially responsible, we automatically donate 50 US$ of every booked trip to one of the schools we support. Every school year we buy notebooks, pens, paper, books etc. We choose these supplies in direct accordance with the teachers and authorities of the communities. We do not hand over cash, but only the actual supplies. Often times we deliver them directly to the schools, that way there is no way for any of the involved parties to profit personally. Due to the financial support of our clients we are also able to organize school trips for the children. These trips are a pure source of joy for the kids and enable them to make important experiences outside of their remote communities.


By booking a trip with HANE Tours you are automatically supporting these children and enabling them to have a brighter future.




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